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Thank you for visiting Anita Nicole Brown's website! Although acting is her current passion, there are two other passions that she have.

On November 12, 1998, Anita was diagnosed a Type 1 diabetic (juvenile diabetes).

On January 9, 2011, she lost her mother (Wanda Nicholson Brown) due to liver failure.

Enduring both of these circumstance allowed her to see the lack of funding and awareness for both diseases. Therefore, her new passion is to donate 20% of income from all paid gigs to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund - 10%) and ALF (American Liver Foundation - 10%).

Anita is hoping that, with enough knowledge and funding, what she and her family (and several other families) have gone through can be avoided.


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Anita Nicole Brown recently found out she has been cast as "Ruby" in the feature film Sister of the Wolf.

A new psychological thriller from Breaking Fate Entertainment with a very interesting story! The story deals with "Wolf" who strikes out in defense of his sister Sara after it is discovered she has been molested by their father. Knowing others have gone through the same suffering, Wolf takes it upon himself to dispense justice, eventually landing him a life in prison. While Wolf accepts his choices, others involved in prison politics make plans which entrap him and stir the wolf within.

Filming is slated to begin August 2015 and Anita Nicole Brown can not wait to begin!

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